Every person murdered during the Holocaust carried a personal story with them.  View the slideshow below to see the impact of the Holocaust on Jewish population by country. Direct link to pdf version Holocaust Losses 4.2MB

Survivor Stories

But a small number of people targeted during the Holocaust survived and some found their way to Oregon and southwest Washington. Here are two stories of Holocaust survivors whose family’s losses also appear on the Memorial Wall.

Evelyn Banko

Follow Evelyn Banko and her family’s escape from Austria, through eastern Europe and eventually to Portland, Ore. Hear / read Evelyn Banks’s oral history.

Manny Taiblum

Follow Manny Taiblum on his escape from the Warsaw Ghetto and a journey that would take him across the globe. Hear /read Manny Taiblum’s oral history.

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Triumph of Life

Holocaust survivors who made their homes in Oregon and southwest Washington wanted a place to recall the stories of their lost family members.  Hear more about the Memorial’s vision and design in the words of those who helped create it.